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Welcome to the website of Elite Dangerous' First Great Expedition.


We are a player organisation dedicated to exploring the 400 billion stars of Elite: Dangerous' galaxy. Originally formed over 8 months before the release of the game, we now have many hundreds of members, followers and supporters.

Over the beta and pre-release gamma periods we have tested out our ideas and sharpened our exploring skills, both as individuals and as cooperative groups, in preparation for an epic voyage far beyond the frontiers of known space, out across the spiral arms to the Galactic Core - and then further still into the uncharted, unknown expanses of the dark side of the galaxy.

What we will find there, nobody knows. Not even the Frontier developers themselves, so it will be a true voyage of discovery on a scale never before seen in the history of gaming. Already we have visited distant nebulae and explored mysterious phenomena, and one of our number has even scouted out Sagittarius A*, the vast and terrifying black hole at the centre of the Milky Way.

But all this is just a warm up for the Great Expedition itself.

Before we head out into the black we'll be running a series of Research Voyages to some of the most spectacular nebulae, globular clusters and star nurseries within 10,000 light years of known space. The proceeds of our discoveries on these voyages will fund our ships and equipment, and enable us to gain the favour of the great factions of the galaxy. The experience we gain from these voyages will also be invaluable for our supreme adventure beyond the core.

When the time is right, when we are properly equipped and prepared, then the First Great Expedition will begin.

It won't always be easy or fun: there'll be many dull and lifeless systems along the way, and we will certainly face obstacles that sap our resolve to continue. It will be huge leap of faith and a test of endurance to see it through.

But for all the trials and obstacles we face, we will be the first to reach into the furthest depths of space. We will be the first and only people to see some of the places we visit. We will own the galaxy in ways far more profound and permanent than mere contestable domination.

Where we go, others can only follow.